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Titans United #7


Titans United wrapped in solid fashion. Maybe everything ended a little too easily, but it was fine for a stand-alone mini-series.

Writer Cavan Scott showed a commendable effort in trying to replicate a comic book feel with the Titans show characters. It was clear Scott invested time into Season 3 to play off character interaction and subplots. Since this is a comic, Scott was able to go a little wilder than having Scarecrow be the big bad. The Citadel arrives ready to begin its conquest of Earth.

Only the Titans can hold them off, but they’re going to need some help from Blackfire?

Scott plays up the Blackfire face turn on the show and incorporates it in a credible manner here.

As has been the case since the first issue, Jose Luis (with Daniel HDR) provides stellar art. Even when the story got a bit shaky, Luis’ art kept the title stabilized. The action this issue was appropriately larger scale and Rex Lokus’ colors skillfully enhances the various locales and darker setting for the final fight.

There’s a moment in the final fight that should have felt more earned. It almost came off like Scott forgot this was a major component of the arc and didn’t advance it far enough in the previous six issues.

That’s a minor complaint. This title has been a welcome substitute for the adult Titans as they’re largely written as incompetent in Teen Titans Academy. It was a nice ride to watch a skillful and very effective Titans squad.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics