The Flash – Lockdown review S8 E7

Ok, let’s try this season 8 return one more time with the title character for a twist.

There’s always some episode in any Flash season where Barry has to be an incompetent speedster in order to create some forced drama. Typically, this allows the latest neophyte hero to shine while Barry blunders along.

In Lockdown, Barry learns eight years in to being The Flash that there’s all kinds of annoying paperwork he’s left the CCPD to handle in his wake. Kramer is stuck trying to figure out how to press charges against criminals and it’s a big pain for her staff. Maybe if The Flash provided more access…like a Flash Phone where Kramer could contact him things would go smoother.

Since this is a sensible solution, Joe and Cecile endorse it, but Barry is totally against it. Forced drama on The Flash is the worst.

the flash lockdown review -joe, cecile and barry

Barry can’t make a choice, but that doesn’t matter since Goldface invades the CCPD looking for meta bullets that will wipe out a meta’s powers with one shot.

Goldface uses a gas bomb, which Barry — the “Fastest Man Alive” — clearly sees and somehow still gets knocked out. This is pretty insulting to suggest that The Flash can’t do something that simple in Season 8.

Somehow Barry gets life advice from Goldface, which helps him realize he’s not committed to being a partner to the police. This was lame. On the plus side, Goldface sounds like Keith Lee’s younger brother and his passion for education is amusing.

Kramer is afraid of mimicking Goldface’s powers, which creates an opening for Barry to take on a new apprentice. This guy really should set up a superhero academy at this rate that he’s got trainees lining up.

And the patented Barry pep talk works as Kramer is able to hold Goldface to a standstill long enough for Barry to change into The Flash. As The Flash, Barry gives her a communication device and tries to tell her his identity.

Kramer just figured that out after finding Goldface’s power dampener in the basement. It seems like the more obvious way for her to find out Barry’s identity was for Kramer to mimic Barry’s powers when he wasn’t The Flash.


For the B subplot, Caitlin is jealous of Frost and Mark aka Chillbaine going dating. Naturally, this leads to Caitlin and her date, Marcus, spotting Frost and Mark doing karaoke. Mark calls Caitlin out for unloading her relationship baggage on them.

We probably don’t need both Caitlin and Frost. Frost is far more entertaining and Mark is actually funny. Still, the Caitlin/Iris screentime ratio wasn’t exactly balanced this episode.

the flash lockdown review - caitlin and mark

The awkward flirting with Chuck and Allegra is cute. It is starting to reach that silly point since Chester wouldn’t ask a girl so out of his league out when she’s all but setting up a date herself.

Post credit scene, Iris finds stuff disappearing and time advancing on her. And as usual for The Flash, Iris won’t tell Joe something is funny. Not when it’s way better to keep secrets and assume everything will just work out for the best. Sigh.

Time check on first Level Up reference: 5:33. Mercifully, the second one was 50:32.

the flash lockdown review - iris

Lockdown was a wacky episode that didn’t do a whole lot to create much excitement for the second half of the season. It feels like the crossover fun with Armageddon is over and it’s back to a comforting level of mediocrity.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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