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GI Joe Classified Series Retro Gung-Ho, Destro available for pre-order

Hasbro revealed four figures from the Classified Series were getting the Retro card treatment.

This line was part of a Walmart exclusive interview with mostly minor changes from the original Classified Series figures.

The first two, Baroness and Lady Jaye, had minor tweaks.

The third, Destro, featured a toned down version of his original release mostly accomplished through paintwork.

But it was the fourth, Gung-Ho that had the biggest change to be more in line with his vintage release.

Gi Joe classified series gung-ho retro figure - front package

The original Classified Series figure had enough issues/changes from the original model that Valaverse actually made an upgrade kit to give the figure a more classic look.

Gi Joe classified series gung-ho retro figure - burst shot

Hasbro announced the four figures would be exclusive to Walmart. It seemed they would be arriving for the Walmart Collector Con, but Baroness and Lady Jaye went up for pre-order early.

Baroness has even been spotted at one Walmart.


Today, Destro and Gung-Ho went up for pre-order to complete the initially revealed set. At least for a few minutes.

I was able to complete my pre-order for Destro and Gung-Ho, but the links now lead back to the main Collector Con landing page.

Maybe I just got in early? I assume these will be back up later today since the event is set to start at 7 am PST.

Here’s the link to Destro

And here’s the link for Gung-Ho.

Photo Credit: Hasbro