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Pre-order WWE Ruthless Aggression figures now

Walmart’s Collector Con has been challenging for some collectors. That seems a tad ironic since you’d probably want that to be easy for…collectors. Anyway, today the new WWE Ruthless Aggression line went up for pre-order. Hopefully this will be a smoother experience for everyone.

All these guys feature the newer double-jointed elbows, which is a nice bonus for folks who already got these guys previously.


wwe ruthless aggression batista figure - main pic

Pre-order Batista here.

Brock Lesnar

wwe ruthless aggression brock lesnar figure - close up

Pre-order Brock Lesnar here.


Shawn Michaels

wwe ruthless aggression shawn michaels figure -close up


Pre-order Shawn Michaels here.

Photo Credit: Mattel