Mattel WWE Axxess reveals include Molly Holly, Acolytes

If today’s Wrestlemania Axxess reveals are any ideation, we’ve reached a stagnant point in Mattel’s WWE line.

There were some nice reveals like a debuting Molly Holly, MSK and Cameron Grimes, but gone are the days of a slew of first time in the line figures particularly on the Legends front.

Now it’s more a matter of clever repaints collectors could get invested in.





The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns finally gets his Ultimate Edition figure. I’ve been holding out on this era of Reigns figure since he seemed a look for the UE format.

wwe ultimate edition 14 roman reigns

We also got our first look at the UE Goldberg. The figure is fine and is exactly what you’d expect for better or worse. Although the smoke exhausting head is pretty clever.

wwe ultimate edition fan takeover goldberg

A bigger surprise was the reveal of an nWo Ultimate Edition Macho Man. There’s a new head sculpt and he even comes with an additional cloth shirt with the iconic prison image. That’s a nice addition even if we already have a Macho in black and white with the New Generation crowd funder.

Retro collectors get another wave of figures with The Hart Foundation, Jimmy Hart and Nikolai Volkoff. Tugboat was teased as part of Retro Bundle Wave 3.

wwe retro bundle wave 2

wwe retro bundle wave 3 tugboat

Legends 16 appears to be Rey Mysterio, The Acolytes and Molly Holly.

Easily my biggest disappointment of the reveals was the Legends 16 Farooq. After several botched efforts, Mattel finally managed to get Ron Simmons’ skin tone right on the Hall of Fame figure. Now we’re back to the dark skinned sketchy likeness that ruined the Rocky Johnson figure. Why is this so hard???


Molly Holly turned out nice. Hopefully Mattel can get her “cousins” in the line eventually.



A new set of Summerslam Elites are coming with the Build-A-Figure young Dominik Mysterio

This set includes Randy Orton (04), Sensational Sherri (92), Shawn Michaels (05) and Rey Mysterio (05)


Elite 95

John Cena

wwe elite 95 john cena

Big E

wwe elite 95 big e

Bobby Lashley

wwe elite 95 bobby lashley

Eddie Guerrero

wwe elite 95 eddie guerrero

Eddie also has a chase

wwe elite 95 eddie guerrero chase

Jimmy Uso

wwe elite 95 jimmy uso


wwe elite 95 shotzi

WWE Ruthless Aggression (Wal-Mart exclusive)

Wave 1


Brock Lesnar

Shawn Michaels

Wave 2

Booker T (nWo)

wwe ruthless aggression wave 2 booker t

Rey Mysterio

wwe ruthless aggression wave 2 rey mysterio

Rob Van Dam

wwe ruthless aggression wave 2 rob van dam

Survivor Series Elite

Becky Lynch

wwe survivor series elite - becky lynch

What do you think of these reveals?

Photo Credit: Ringside Collectibles