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Transformers Legacy Kickback figure review

The Insecticons were the first faction within the Decepticon faction. Like most of them, they weren’t always 100% loyal to Megatron’s cause and could be a nuisance to both the Autobots and Decepticons.

Of the trio, Kickback was my favorite since he was largely portrayed as the leader. It helped that he had a highly effective offensive alt mode as well. Kickback is part of Hasbro’s new Transformers: Legacy line that’s an all-encompassing set for the various iterations of the brand. Let’s see if the first Insecticon delivers a kick.

Packaging: The Legacy line won’t be hard to miss on the shelves. It’s got a busy purple color scheme with green/yellow, silver and turquoise accents. Most noticeable is the fact that the Legacy line ditches the plastic. This is going to frustrate MOC collectors as the top of the package easily caves in without the plastic support.

On the left side is a collage of various Decepticons while the right side has a smaller and larger drawing of Kickback. On the back, there’s a QR code so you can go to for the direct link to Kickback’s bio and stats.

The front features an image of Kickback that’s got a lot of colors all over it. Ideally, this would be toned down to reflect Kickback’s colors.

His strongest stat is his intelligence with nine. I did appreciate seeing the return of the stat graph even if the symbols don’t make any sense.

transformers legacy kickback review -main pic


Likeness: Kickback is an impressive modern translation of the G1 figure. Hasbro has nailed these looks now. Kickback looks like he stepped out of the 80s cartoon.

transformers legacy kickback review - wide shot

Like the Masterpiece line, this is the Transformers I’ve always wanted since the 80s with minimal kibble and random parts that couldn’t be concealed in the transformations.

transformers legacy kickback review - detailed left side

I love the headsculpt complete with its softer antenna.

His wings are made of a translucent material in a nice nod to the thin material of an insect’s wings.

transformers legacy kickback review - wing detail

The chest piece is also translucent in a throwback to the original figure right down to the blue dial section.

Alt Mode: Kickback’s alternate mode is a grasshopper. Hasbro did a nice job of knocking this out in figure form.

Maybe the only way to improve it would have been to create some sort of connection piece to lock the legs together.

transformers legacy kickback review - insect mode front

Transformation: Kickback’s transformation takes 14 steps. It was easy enough that I was able to actually follow the instructions and get the transformation done.

transformers legacy kickback review - scale with huffer and cliffjumper

Scale: Kickback comes up to the waist of the Siege Megatron figure. That seems about right even if most of the Decepticons were the same height in the cartoon. He’s taller than the Autobot Minibots.

transformers legacy kickback review - facing huffer and cliffjumper


Paint: Kickback has a great color scheme of black with some purple and minor red, gold and yellow accents.  The paintwork throughout is very clean.

One note of caution if you can choose between the figures — Kickback’s red eye visor isn’t always fully covered so check it if possible.

His Decepticon logo has some very minor missing areas. I think this kind of paint scuff/chip problems are going to be more frequent without the plastic serving as a shield.

transformers legacy kickback review - taking aim

Articulation: Kickback moves smoothly. One of my favorite aspects of this War For Cybertron: Earthrise/Siege/Kingdom/Legacy figures is how much useful articulation the figures contain.

transformers legacy kickback review - pivoting

Kickback isn’t any different. His joints are nice and tight so he can hit a number of fun poses.

transformers legacy kickback review - cannons on aiming blaster

I wish he had ankle articulation to allow for a sturdy base when posed on one leg, but that’s the biggest gripe.

transformers legacy kickback review - on the move

Kickback has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)

transformers legacy kickback review - attacking cliffjumper

Accessories: Kickback has a pair of cannons that can affix to his forearms or wings.

transformers legacy kickback review - cannons on arms

It’s a nice way to add some more firepower though they’re not something I’m going to keep on him.

transformers legacy kickback review -with wing cannons

He’s also got a blaster that has a good amount of detail with purple and silver colors.

transformers legacy kickback review -accessories in tray

Worth it?  I got Kickback for $22.99. This is the new $19.99 price point. I wish my paycheck ticked up along with the price of figures. Sill, for a deluxe class figure, Kickback is a good value.

transformers legacy kickback review -aiming blaster

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Kickback is a fun figure and definitely whets my appetite for more Insecticons. I’m looking forward to seeing what all Hasbro has in store for us with this Legacy line and what other G1 characters will appear.

Where to get it?  The Legacy series is just starting to show up in stores. I got him at Target. He’s still up for pre-order from Amazon. I’d recommend jumping on them quick since they’re already sold out at Big Bad Toy Store. Entertainment Earth has him coming in July.

transformers legacy kickback review - cradling blaster

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