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Catwoman Lonely City #3


It’s been a little delay since the last issue, but with a title of this quality it’s worth waiting it out. And in case there was any concern, Cliff Chang hasn’t missed a beat with this phenomenal Catwoman Black Label story.

Tensions continue to rise in Gotham as Harvey Dent and Barbara Gordon are colliding for the mayoral seat in the upcoming election. Dent is looking to remain in the top spot, but his aggressive stance against criminals and vigilante activity is causing his numbers to drop.

Meanwhile, Selina Kyle and her crew are preparing for their heist to get to the Batcave. Chang’s take on iconic characters like Catwoman, The Riddler, Killer Croc, Two-Face and Poison Ivy reflect the decades of time that have passed. They’re not the same characters that fought Batman in the glory days, but Chang writes them so strongly it feels like a natural destination point for these characters in regular continuity.

There’s several instances where Chang utilizes Poison Ivy’s powers in a better way than she’s been portrayed in over a decade. Some of that is because Chang isn’t intent on making Ivy some murderous anti-hero.

Chang uses flashbacks to peak efficiency detailing how Selina dealt with life immediately after Batman’s death and an earlier encounter with Batman and Robin. These scenes provide additional depth to Selina and explain her mindset at this point in the series. As her plans get more complex, the danger to her crew is even more pronounced forcing Selina to make tough changes. And seek out a new, more powerful ally.

The artwork, as always, is beautifully done. Chang has a skill for bringing a more dramatic noir-like spin on his more animated pencils. Chang’s color choices are consistently spot-on and every page helps make Selina’s Gotham feel that much more authentic.

Lonely City has been a great title from the first issue. There’s no faltering or weak issue let alone even an underwhelming subplot. If you’ve missed out, it’s well worth tracking down the previous two issues and seeing what the fuss is with DC’s best limited series.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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