DC Comics reviews 4/26/22 – Justice League #75, Dark Knights of Steel #6

Aquamen #10


The latest Aquaman title is quietly being sent to sleep with the fishes in cancellation land. This issue helps explain why this title never gained any traction or reader interest to develop a following.

For starters, writers Chuck Brown and Brandon Thomas don’t do enough to make Jackson Hyde likeable. He’s portrayed as angry and impulsive. That’s not the best handle of the co-lead.

Naturally, in a telltale sign of desperation for any book, Jackson takes a trip to Gotham City in the hopes of a run-in with a Bat Family member. Instead of the very underutilized Batwing, Batwoman gets the call, which was a decision I suppose.

Next, Aquaman and Black Manta continue their unlikely team up that Arthur felt was so important to keep secret from his family, including his wife Mera. This is frustrating melodrama that would be easily solved with one conversation. Instead, here it’s used as a means for Mera to rage out and attack Black Manta.

For as cool as he was portrayed in his mini-series, little of it has carried over here for Black Manta.

The art from Max Raynor is solid with strong panel composition and animated action sequences.

Aquamen is on borrowed time, but this issue didn’t do a lot to support a stay of execution. It’s just treading water until the inevitable end.

Rating: 5 out of 10

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