DC Comics reviews 4/26/22 – Justice League #75, Dark Knights of Steel #6

Deathstroke Inc. #8


So far Shadow War has been a very efficient crossover with genuine stakes and a strong pacing.

This issue keeps that momentum rolling with Talia’s assassins tracking down any possible leads on Deathstroke and Respawn.
Thanks to writer Joshua Williamson handling all the chapters of the event, there’s a smooth transition from each issue. Batman and Talia were kissing in the last installment and this one picks right up at the end of the kiss. And predictably, their differences in philosophy leads to Batman going on his own to find Slade.

Like Justice League Endless Winter, DC is finding a smart strategy in having one writer script an entire event through various titles.
Deathstroke and Respawn have some unexpected bonding time while Slade tries to make sense of who posed as him to kill Ra’s al Ghul.

That discovery will have to wait as two killers have tracked them down.

Paolo Pantalena’s artwork has an intensity to it that aids this storyline. Pantalena’s style is reminiscent of 90s artists that had an edgier perspective with sharper lines and dynamic poses. Romulo Fajardo Jr’s colors are clean with clear distinction and strong blending.

Shadow War continues in Robin #13, which is also available this week.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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