DC Comics reviews 4/26/22 – Justice League #75, Dark Knights of Steel #6

Detective Comics #1059


Besides an ill-fitting hipster goatee on The Riddler, this latest arc of Detective Comics gets off to an encouraging start.

That’s been the case in other opening acts to Detective arcs during writer Mariko Tamaki’s tenure. Tamaki has established some very solid storylines but the payoff has more often than not been lacking.

Tamaki is joined on this arc by co-writer Nadia Shammas and the early results are positive. That’s due to the writers making Batman behave like a detective again. This feels like an angle for this title that isn’t used nearly enough, but watching Batman solve tough cases is compelling.

Random Gotham citizens, who previously had no criminal records, are committing serious crimes. Through his streaming platform, Riddler seems to tease he knows exactly what’s going on and is waiting for Batman to crack his riddles.

The timing of The Riddler being profiled in a big storyline isn’t a coincidence following his spotlight in The Batman film. Thankfully he’s not wearing S&M garb this time.

Ivan Reis returns to draw the issue instantly raising the status of this installment. Reis delivers his usual high quality, intensely detailed work and exceptionally expressive characters. Danny Miki’s inking ensure the panels look sharp and Brad Anderson’s colors add another level to the elite presentation.

The concern coming into this arc is it will have a lackluster conclusion, but this is a very strong opening act that left me anticipating the next installment.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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