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Image Comics reviews 5/4/22 – Metal Society #1, Twig #1

Metal Society #1

metal society #1

Metal Society flips the human/robot dynamic on its head in this fresh and thought-provoking new series.

Robots saved the planet after years of humans destroying Earth’s natural resources. Satisfied with their accomplishments, robots began creating humans again as sort of a pet project — and to do the menial tasks they no longer want to perform. Writer Zack Kaplan fully explores the irony of humans being treated like drones doing boring, basic labor while robots are the ruling force in the new society.

As her name suggests, Rosa Genthree, is part of the third generation of created humans. Unlike most of her peers, Rosa was granted special abilities such as the ability to dent steel. Rosa instinctively feels like the human/robot interaction is wrong and wants to rebel against the status quo. But she can’t upend society on her own.


She’s recruited by one of the original humans to use her rage and abilities to better use representing humanity in a pit fight in a human vs. robot combat event. Kaplan devotes most of the issue to establishing this new world while building anticipation for the clash. It’s a smart approach that quickly sets up the series’ premise and builds interest in seeing how it plays out.

Artist Guilherme Balbi has an inviting style that allows readers to get pulled into this new world. Robot designs aren’t overly complex while still retaining some semblance of a humanoid appearance. Balbi’s human characters have plenty of personality and are drawn as if they’re in constant movement.

Marco Lesko’s color work is solid creating an almost airy haze on the planet to convey a world run by mechanical devices. Letterer Troy Peteri sets up a nice distinction between the human and robot voices while throwing in some stylistic sound effect fonts as well.

Metal Society gets off to a good start and the first issue ends faster than I would have liked. This was a compelling debut for a series that looks to have a lot of promise.

Rating: 9 out of 10