Superman and Lois – 30 Days and 30 Nights review S2 E9

Sigh. The worst thing any superhero show can do is take its hero out of the show. That was the case with 30 Days and 30 Nights, which didn’t even have the decency to have vampires invade Smallville while Superman was lost in a portal.

This was the kind of episode I expect from The Flash with Grant Gustin seemingly happy to let all of the other 52 supporting characters on the show take the spotlight each week. It made for easily the weakest installment of the series’ two seasons so far.

Clark hears Ally going through the portal and races after her. He didn’t think through this very well since he could have just cycled around the planet a few times and bring her back. With some maximum effort, Superman manages to break on through to the other side of the portal.

superman and lois 30 days and 30 nights review - nat

This leaves this Earth as a World Without a Superman. But why aren’t they asking where’s Supergirl? Riiiiight. It’s been a month now and Steel is back in action saving crashing planes. Where’s Superboy and The Eradicator? Well, Jordan is standing in for Superboy. That’s two down.

The best part of advancing a month is we didn’t have to spend six more episodes on Lana’s mayoral campaign. Well, scratch that. This episode has now become a big focus on Lana’s closing moments of the election. Nat is mad John Henry is talking to Lana.

Apparently, he’s going to have to be a monk now to keep his bratty daughter happy. It’s a lock now that Nat is my least favorite character on the show now and she really didn’t need to be so irritating in every scene. This definitely makes me hate the decision to have her land on Earth on last season’s finale.

superman and lois 30 days and 30 nights review - john henry

John Henry feels guilty and tries to make good by making his Lois’ waffle recipe. This doesn’t feel like a worthwhile advancement of John Henry as a character. Also, did he just decide to keep a flash drive on his ship of Nat’s birth?


Kyle gets hurt in a fire that seemed to involve a X Kryptonite user. Lana brings the girls to check on him, but it’s still super awkward.

Sarah visits Kyle’s crappy apartment and he’s still bleeding. How did the hospital let him leave exactly? Shockingly, Kyle gets to apologize yet again for being a colossal screwup. Who thinks this is entertaining?


Naturally, Lana wins the election because heaven forbid these characters have to go through more realistic situations. And Mayor Lana just feels like an excuse to give Lana and her family more screen time.

superman and lois 30 days and 30 nights review - lana and sarah

Gen. Lane and crew investigated the fire debris and find an inhaler. Lois is tired of Jon’s games and demands he tell her who is selling the X Kryptonite. Well, if it was just that easy… Candice apologizes and explains why she did it, which was honest a more legit reason for doing something than 80% of the characters this season. Looking at you Chrissy.

With no Superman around, Lois and Gen. Lane have to rely on Jordan to track the supply house. And bail them out when they get caught by a meta.

Saving his mom and grandad meant Jordan couldn’t help celebrate Lana’s win with Sarah, who now wonders if he’ll ever choose her first. Do teenagers really talk like that or is this just how the writing team imagines teens talk?

Either way, Sarah’s whole “I choose me” moment felt ridiculously overblown considering she cheated on him at summer camp.

I’m so astonishingly over this entire storyline.

Jon gets a weird headache. Guess his powers are starting to develop? Oh no, it was just the arrival of his Inverse Jon arriving to tell Jordan and Lois that Superman was too late. Stay tuned next week as we actually resume the adventures of Superman and Lois.

Insert Comic Book Guy gif here. This was a significant Chrissy storyline away from being all of the worst elements of Superman and Lois dominating an entire episode. Hopefully next week will be a lot better. Course it’d have to go aways to be worse.

Rating: 4 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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