DC Comics reviews 5/10/22 – I Am Batman #9, Blood Syndicate #1

I Am Batman #9

I-Am-Batman #9

In just about every other meaningful way, I Am Batman has been one of DC’s best new titles over the past year. It’s only gotten better since leaving Gotham. Writer John Ridley is writing an excellent early days of a new hero trying to find his mark. But again, the only holdup is Jace Fox isn’t or actually needs to be Batman.

Sure, sales would indicate that’s not a bad strategy, but Ridley plays into this idea as well. While Batman is trying to track down the serial killer targeting New York’s most corrupt, Chubb questions why the world’s greatest detective isn’t detecting. It’s a small matter, but indicative of the issues with the title. Jace is learning the ropes as a hero yet taking on Batman’s identity feels like a shortcut to gaining credibility he hasn’t earned.

Ridley is doing right by Jace in every other aspect with his supporting cast, inner struggles and new villains, but this identity crisis keeps pulling the book down oh so slightly. The other aspects of the title are really good with Jace getting a museum trip to gain insight on the serial killer.

Christian Duce and Stephen Segovia pair up on the art, which continues to improve. Duce and Segovia have more freedom to do more with Jace so there’s a welcome contrast in the environments and settings. Duce has shown a noticeable enhancement in establishing the tone and mood in different settings, which is complemented well by Rex Lokus’ colors.

I Am Batman is an amazingly refreshing take on the vigilante hero. The creativity in building this new world has been encouraging. It’s just too bad Jace has to create his legacy in Batman’s shadow.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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