WWE Legends Series 14 Road Dogg review

Let’s give it up to Mattel for the focused effort of getting Degeneration X in their WCW Invasion gear out so quickly. It’d take more than one regular wave of Legends anyway and getting them knocked out over four waves was a smart approach. Today, I’m looking at Road Dogg, one of two DX members in Series 14.

Along with Billy Gunn, Road Dogg greatly helped legitimize the Triple H-led version two of DX. The New Age Outlaws were raising hell and paired very effectively with Shawn Michaels and Triple H earlier.

I was a big Outlaws fan so I’m perfectly happy adding another one to my collection. Let’s see if this one is worth calling somebodyyyyyy about.

Packaging:  I’ll keep saying it because it’s true, it’s danged true. The Legends line is my favorite of the WWE package set ups. I love the gold, brown and yellow color combination along with an actual iconic portrait of the character. It makes for a nice, classy presentation.

To stay consistent, I’ll still gripe about the “modern” well late 2000s DX logo instead of the more classic version from the era of DX represented here.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - package bio

As always, the bio is perfect. These are the standard for me across any line continually outpacing Marvel Legends, Transformers, Star Wars Black Series, etc.

Likeness:  Road Dogg got a fresher; improved head sculpt with the Hall of Champions line. No problem with its reuse here as it’s a great sculpt. It’s funny how this take somehow makes him look a bit more stoned than the original version.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - invasion gear wide

Unlike the rest of his pals, Road Dogg usually wore shirts during his matches, so the cloth shirt is a welcome inclusion for him. It avoids the svelte look of the Hall of Fame figure and the bulkiness of the initial Road Dogg figure.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - comparison with hall of champions and elite road dogg

He’s got the slender, cruiserweight style torso underneath, but you could theoretically add a little padding to fill him out more.

Road Dogg has his baggy pants and shin pad boots again. This is fine since it’s accurate to his wrestling gear.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - scale with chyna, billy gunn and triple h

Scale: Road Dogg is 6’2″so he’s looking up at the 6’4″ Billy Gunn and Triple H while he’s taller than the 6’1″ X-Pac and the 5’10” Chyna.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - facing chyna, billy gunn and triple h


Paint: Road Dogg’s head sculpt shows improvement on the face printing compared to the HOC version.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - left arm tattoos

His fade is tighter, the goatee has a bit more haziness and the eyes more centered. Dogg’s tattoos also look sharper with crisper colors.


Since the main focus of this figure isn’t his wrestling gear, Mattel didn’t go for some of Road Dogg’s more elaborate pant designs.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - dancing punch to big boss man

Articulation:  Road Dogg gets the benefit of double-jointed elbows, which is pretty helpful for a guy who does a lot of shimmy shaking and dancing.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - shimmy shimmy shake knee drop

They’re also good for aiding with other moves like a double piledriver. Road Dogg’s move set definitely wasn’t the most elaborate, but his charisma and fire in his matches helped keep the fans invested in his matches.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - guilotine rope splash

You shouldn’t have any problems reenacting his moves and the elbows make his promos look even better.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - elbowdrop to big boss man

Road Dogg has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

Accessories: Keeping with the theme, Road Dogg also has his DX Invasion gear.

He’s got the same helmet as the Legends 13 Triple H with an opening for his hair. Road Dogg also has his ammo belt to drape around his shoulder and chest. I think this is an original piece, which adds to the authenticity of the look.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - ammo pouch close up

Road Dogg rocked camo face paint so adding an alternate head sculpt with that would have been a nice nod to the invasion. Mattel made the right call with the standard one.

I mentioned it already since it’s less entrance gear for him, but the cloth Degeneration X shirt is very nice with a good snug fit. And the DX logo has that T-shirt style print that blends in nicely with the material.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - accessories in tray

His camo pants are big enough to cover his pants without looking silly and they don’t ride up on his ankles either.

Finally, he’s got a pair of swappable hands for the Suck It gesture. That’s always helpful for DX members.

Also, DX actually carried around M-16s during this Invasion, which seems like such a frozen moment in time looking at that segment in 2022. The figure doesn’t lose points for not having it.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - ddt to ken shamrock

Worth it?  For whatever reason this wave is lower than the new $21.99 price point and is $19.99. That was helpful since this wave was in stock on Target’s website while the Spend $50 get $10 off sale was still going on. That was great timing and made a solid figure value even before the special.

Rating:  10 out of 10

The DX Invasion set felt like a needless celebration of one minor moment for me, but Mattel’s decision to make it a two in one was genius. With the needed cloth shirt, excellent head sculpt and improved articulation this is the best Road Dogg we’ve gotten yet.

wwe legends series 14 road dogg review - ladies and gentlemen...

Where to get it?  The WWE Legends line is exclusive to Target. Road Dogg and the rest of Series 14 isn’t up on shelves in my area, but I was able to order through Target’s website for a curbside pickup with no trouble.