comiXology review – Clear #6

Scott Snyder and Francis Manapul wrap up this fascinating sci-fi noir saga on a high note — providing a satisfactory conclusion that sticks the landing.

Dunes has reached his final destination and there’s few obstacles left in his path now. He can finally avenge the death of his wife Kendra and potentially remove the veil of the Veil. There’s just one final threat and it’s a doozy — that makes Dunes reconsider everything he’s wanted since losing his son Baxter and Kendra.

Snyder keeps the action to a minimum as this is more of a moral debate than a situation Dunes can conquer by shooting first and last.

The moral quandary makes for a more effective final confrontation. It’s a rare scenario where the hero can’t necessarily make a bad choice. There’s fallout of course and Dunes immediately second guesses his decision, but it makes sense in the larger context of the series.


Manapul’s art and color work is outstanding. Clear has had a distinctly hypnotic visual style since the first issue and Manapul keeps mesmerizing for this finale. Some of it comes from the close up in your face angles that bring characters tighter and fill more of the panel.

clear #6

In other instances, it’s how Manapul crafts this futuristic world with gorgeous fantasy elements. And the colors, with an emphasis on blues and purples, makes for a captivating final touch.

Clear is a briskly told story that doesn’t overstay its welcome making for a project that’s easy to see translated to a feature film format. Either way, this was a terrific Blade Runner style series that would make for an ideal read for sci-fi fans that don’t typically venture into comic book territory.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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