Superman and Lois – Bizarros in a Bizarro World review S2 E10

Bizarros in a Bizarro World was one of the better episodes this season. And it’s not that hard to determine why. The focus was actually on Superman for a change and the writers had some good ideas on how to play off the Bizarro concept.

Superman traveled to Bizarro’s Earth or Htrae, a planet so backwards that it’s actually shaped like a square, has a red sun and Seinfeld as the president. Man, can you imagine a planet so crazy to have a TV personality with no experience whatsoever in political matters leading the country. Madness.

superman and lois - bizarros in a biarro world review -goth jordan, jon and lois

While adjusting to this new reality, Superman tries to figure out how he can stop Ally from merging with her Htrae version. At least he sees a familiar although very different face. Jon is the super powered son on this planet and he’s decked out like a cross between Connor Kent (classic) and a Green Day reject.

And to make things even more complicated, Bizarro Lois arrives looking like Elizabeth Tulloch took a picture of 1980s Margot Kidder to her hairstylists and said “This!” It’s a great Lois look for her either way.

superman and lois - bizarros in a biarro world review - jon as superboy

Most of the episode is told in chapters, a deliberate shift in the show’s usual storytelling format. This is so the writers can slowly roll out information.

Like how Bizarro Superman’s family is dysfunctional. He basks in the adoration of the public, but isn’t the best husband or father. He only takes interest in Jon when his powers appear. Instead of calling him Superboy, Superman has him dubbed Jon-El son of Kal-El, a cool play on the current Superman Son of Kal-El comic series.


It’s too bad Jon isn’t the powered one in the series as he’d be a lot of fun as the Connor-influenced social media fame obsessed Kent son. This was a nice tease.

Jon’s girlfriend, Misty, takes him to a colorful club complete with a guy with scars around his mouth wearing a purple suit. What a joke of an Easter Egg…

Misty introduces him to Ally, who quickly preys upon him like the main Earth’s Ally did to Lucy.

superman and lois - bizarros in a biarro world review - gen. lane, lois and jon

Bizarro Lois’ chapter reveals that Superman has become addicted to the Kryptonite, which is making him crazy. She’s had enough and is leaving Kal. The green Kryptonite corrupted Superman to make him look like comic Bizarro. Clever.


In Anderson’s chapter, he successfully came through as well with his Bizarro version being the one Superman discovered burned to a skeleton. Thanks to an assist from Chrissy, Anderson meets with Bizarro Lois and Gen. Lane, who are hiding out from Ally’s forces. Bizarro Jordan makes him feel serious remorse about killing Bizarro now.

superman and lois - bizarros in a biarro world review -anderson

This all culminates in a big showdown at the farm where Tal-Rho joins Jon, Lana, and the two Allys. Superman and Lois might suffer from the occasional awful dozen subplots, but when it comes to action scenes the show definitely delivers. This was one of the better ones as Superman and Anderson battled Bizarro Jon, Lana and Tal-Rho.

These fights would be impressive on the big screen let alone the small screen.

Just as the Allys merge, we get Tal-Rho’s flashback. This was the biggest departure from the normal Earth as he and Kal-El are super (pun intended) tight. Tal marries Lana and desperately tries to help his brother through his Kryptonite addiction. But even he gets caught up in Ally’s manipulations and signs on.

As Superman and Tal fight, Tal lets him go in order to save his son. But it might be too late as Bizarro Jon has already gone through the portal and tells regular Lois and Jordan that he’s here for Jon.

superman and lois - bizarros in a biarro world review - superboy jon and lana

Not a bad cliffhanger and definitely not a bad episode. This is more of what the show could be if the focus wasn’t so heavily slanted lately to the teen drama that doesn’t do this series any favors.

Hopefully the follow-up will be just as strong.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW