Pre-order McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Superwoman figure

I’m finding it hilarious that McFarlane Toys keeps providing these great alternate versions of Wonder Woman and now Donna Troy without their classic or basic current looks.

The Crime Syndicate had a pretty simple history — they’re the evil Justice League on their own planet. Then after a dozen reboots and continuity shifts their history is as tangled as Hawkman’s — pre-Robert Venditti and Fernando Pasarin’s run.

McFarlane Toys revealed the second of the four figures needed to create the Build-A-Figure Starro. While this isn’t my first choice for Superwoman, this is a great looking figure and might be enough to sell me on buying this set.

mcfarlane toys dc multiverse superwoman figure - close up


On Earth-3, Donna Troy hails from Demon’s Island, her Earth’s Themyscira, where the women are ruled by the cruel Queen Hippolyta. When Steve Trevor arrives on the island in 1945, he and Donna quickly fall in love.

But Steve has an ulterior motive—he’s there to recruit soldiers for the war. And when he doesn’t get the warriors he wants, Steve takes Donna hostage instead. Donna then makes the difficult decision to destroy the one she loves—a dark lesson her mother Hippolyta wanted her to learn. Subsequently, Donna leaves the island and forms an army of Super-Villains known as the Crime Syndicate, vowing to one day return and depose her mother as ruler.

mcfarlane toys dc multiverse superwoman figure - turning

Photo Credit: McFarlane Toys

You can pre-order the Mcfarlane Toys DC Multiverse Superwoman figure now from Target.

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