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Blood Syndicate Season One #2


Blood Syndicate was a cutting-edge comic when it debuted in 1993. This was a time when Hollywood was obsessed with black gang culture and the Milestone writers wanted an authentic superhero book centered around gang culture.

Two issues in, and this updated version of Blood Syndicate doesn’t feel nearly as fresh or innovative. Writer Geoffrey Thorne takes readers on a very familiar path. Two soldiers have returned from a war where they received powers and now they’re seeing what’s become of Dakota in their absence. Thorne sticks with the cliches as far as soldiers returning home and finding how much or how little things have changed.

The dialogue also reads a little dated. Is there a thing as a contemporary gang dialogue consultant? It seems like one would have been helpful here.

ChrisCross’ art is the biggest draw at this point. He draws the characters full of expression and movement. They rarely seem flat on the page. But as good as the art is something feels missing.

Blood Syndicate is two issues in now and it feels like nothing has happened.

Thorne seems to be banking on old school Milestone readers patiently letting his new origin take root. So far, the characters haven’t been portrayed all that likable or worth the investment.

Thorne has laid enough foundation that it’s time to start making Blood Syndicate interesting or else readers might need to wait for Season 2 to be properly engaged.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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