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DC Comics Reviews 6/14/22 – Superman Son of Kal-El #12

Superman Son of Kal-El #12


A potentially concerning problem surfaced this issue — all of the best moments featured someone besides the title character.
One moment it’s Krypto smashing through an elite set of defenses. The next it’s Dick Grayson having a billionaire discussion with Lex Luthor. And Jay ambushes a senator in bed with Bendix.

Writer Tom Taylor set up some nice segments here, but Jon didn’t get to bask in any of the spotlight.

As Jon becomes more prominent on Earth as Superman while the Justice League is dead (just play along and ignore the Batman cameo), he probably should be more of the focus.

Bonding moments with Dick, Batman and Jay are fine, but Taylor might want to take the training wheels off Jon and let him handle a major situation without his vast network of allies.

Bendix still hasn’t registered as much of a threat. Partnering with Luthor makes him come off even more of a pale impersonation of the final boss of powerless villains.

Cian Tormey and Ruairi Coleman tag team on the art, which is adequate, but character details seem off with softer expressions and some flat poses.

The superhero community embracing Jon as Superman has been a big part of what’s made the title so enjoyable. Now it’s time for Superman to reward that faith by facing down Bendix and finally getting a big win against his archenemy.

Rating: 7 out of 10