Image Comics 6/15/22 – Do a Powerbomb #1, Undiscovered County Destiny Man

Do a Powerbomb #1

do-a-powerbomb #1

One of the greatest aspects of Image Comics is the side open platform provided for creators to try different things. Ideas that would never fly with other corporate companies.

That’s the beauty of Do a Powerbomb. It’s the kind of comic that a decade ago probably wouldn’t have gotten past the concept stage.

Now writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson can completely run with the premise and tell and exciting love letter to pro wrestling.

The issue kicks off with another title defense from champion Yua Steelrose battling her archrival CobraSun.

Ten years after a shocking tragedy, Yuma’s daughter, Lona, is ready to carry out the family tradition. But Lona finds getting someone to train her incredibly challenging.


It’s impressive how easily Johnson establishes the premise while providing essential character development moments.

Art wise, Johnson captures the vibrancy and adrenaline rush of a wrestling show. All while peeling back the curtain slightly on the behind-the-scenes drama. The wrestling moves look good and Johnson skillfully depicts them and their effectiveness.

Mike Spicer adds another level of energy to the artwork with big booming colors that brighten the overall mood of the series.

Johnson’s passion for wrestling is evident. This is definitely a must-read for wrestling fans. And it’s just as compelling for readers who have no idea about The Rainmaker or The American Nightmare.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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