Image Comics reviews – Beware the Eye of Odin #1, Nocterra #11

Nocterra #11


Switching the main narrator was a small change, but it was a savvy choice by writer Scott Snyder that’s made a good title even more compelling.

Piper makes a desperate move to save her friends, but her solution might prove just as deadly. It’s a terrifically tense retreat scenario that Snyder gives the proper amount of urgency while Val’s Sundog convoy considers every possible escape plan.

The only downside is a few characters get killed off in underwhelming fashion. Sundog’s convoy includes some visually interesting and engaging characters. One death felt it was more for the sake of shock value and to reinforce that Blacktop Bill is a bad dude.

Bill is written like the big bad in a season who is prominently featured in every episode. A little goes much further with Bill, but he’s taking time away from other members of Sundog.

Val, Em and Piper aren’t shortchanged and have some memorable moments. Snyder has introduced some equally interesting background players and deserve their turn in the spotlight.

Tony S. Daniel’s artwork reflects the quick rapport he’s established with Snyder. Characters are starting to wear attire that seems like costumes more than clothes. While Snyder and Daniel haven’t set out to create a superhero title so much as survival horror, the visuals are tilting more in that direction.

Marcelo Maiolo’s color work is very precise with sharp delimitation of the characters worshipping the darkness and those still seeking the light. Maiolo makes the bright light piercing as if a beacon to guide the path.

This was one of Nocterra’s more action packed installments and one that leans hard into its thrilling premise.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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