Star Wars The Black Series Bad Batch Echo figure review

I really appreciate when companies finish off teams in a reasonable amount of time. The Bad Batch was destined to be completed on my shelf moments into their first appearance on Clone Wars.

In fairness, I had the original squad, but Echo rounds out the unit based on his look from the kickoff to The Bad Batch. It’s kind of neat to have two very different versions of Echo in my Clone Wars era display. Let’s see if having multiple versions of Echo was worth it.

Packaging: The Bad Batch’s dark red accent color scheme makes them stand out and is fitting for this period of the Empire’s reign.

star wars the bad batch echo review - package bio

I really love the artwork, which shows Echo making the most of his hand options. The bio is funny although it would have been cool to have it more tailored to his role with the Bad Batch instead of his standard Clone units.

Likeness: Like the rest of his squad, Echo fits in with the uniform look of the Bad Batch while having a number of unique flourishes.

star wars the bad batch echo review - wide pic

Echo retains some of the style of his ARC Trooper attire with the belt and skirt piece. I thought the figure featured a lot of reuse from the earlier version, but this appears to be an all-new sculpt. There’s no cross straps for the ammo pouches and the shoulder pads are gone. It’s a sleeker attire with minimal armor. That’s probably all he needs with Wrecker attracting so much attention.

star wars the bad batch echo review - taking aim with the bad batch

Echo’s cybernetic right arm attachment looks cool and stays consistent with the technology from the Prequel/Original Trilogy eras. His head sculpt is the real gem. You can easily make out the Jango Fett DNA even with the pronounced cheek bones to simulate his time in captivity.

star wars the bad batch echo review - bad batch helmets off

He’s still got a few screws along his head from that period as well.  Echo has one of those earmuff communication devices like Lobot. It must be a bald-head only kind of device.

His armor has the usual wear and scratches like the rest of The Bad Batch. I like the idea that Echo would be somewhat more cautious after already having lost an arm in the war.

star wars the bad batch echo review - head gear detail

Paint:  It’s hard to get a sense of how long Echo was part of the squad before Order 66. That might explain why his armor doesn’t have as much wear and tear battle damage as the others.

His skin tone might be a tad too blown out, but it helps to further differentiate him from the others. Most of the paintwork is clean although some of the red lining of his skirt is light enough that the black is fading through. Minor details like the studs on his head and the tampo came out very well.

star wars the bad batch echo review - scale with crosshair, wrecker, hunter and tech

Scale:  The Bad Batch are all around the same height with the exception of Wrecker and Crosshair. Echo matches up fine with the others.

star wars the bad batch echo review - facing wrecker, hunter and tech


star wars the bad batch echo review - blaster up

Articulation:  Echo’s articulation is better than I expected. He features the same smooth articulation as Hunter so he’s a very easy to pose even with the skirt.

star wars the bad batch echo review - running with prosthetic hand

It’s made of a pliable material so it’s not very restrictive. You won’t be able to do full splits, but it’s got plenty of range.

star wars the bad batch echo review - running

Echo has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders (with butterfly joints)
  • elbow (with swivel)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double jointed)
  • ankles

star wars the bad batch echo review - bad batch in action

Accessories:  Echo comes with the smaller blaster like Hunter, Crosshair and Tech.

star wars the bad batch echo review - accessories in tray

Thanks to the wonky left hand mold, it doesn’t fit in very well since the trigger finger isn’t established.

star wars the bad batch echo review - aiming blaster

Echo’s helmet is very cool with a great design that allows his ear piece to be visible in the back. The peg connection isn’t great though and I wasn’t able to close it up when I had the helmet on.

star wars the bad batch echo review - helmet latch

Additionally, he’s got a larger attachment piece. This isn’t from the show and is a great example of Hasbro providing something extra for some added value to a figure.

star wars the bad batch echo review - hook detail

Like the others, Echo has a detailed backpack that’s removable. It stays plugged in much better than Wrecker, whose backpack slips off without much effort.

Worth it?  Echo is typically $24.99, but my Target still had him at the $22.99 price point. I feel like enough extra bits were added to Echo that I don’t feel ripped off. At $25, that value takes a hit though.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Echo turned out very nice with a nice array of accessories and smooth articulation. I wish Hasbro paid a modicum of attention to the lack of a trigger finger and made sure the helmet latch worked properly.

star wars the bad batch echo review - fully assembled bad batch

Where to get it?  Hopefully, you won’t have much trouble finding Echo at Target and Walmart stores. Failing those options, you can grab him from Amazon or Entertainment Earth.