DC Comics Reviews 7/5/22 – Dark Crisis #2, DC vs Vampires #7


DC vs. Vampires #7


Now beyond the midway point along with a couple of one-shots, DC vs Vampires’ main story resumes. For most of the issue, writers James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg continue another verse of the same song — the vampires are several steps ahead of the few surviving heroes and brutally kill anyone that gets in their way.

This doesn’t make for the most suspenseful read as the heroes rarely put up a fight before getting savagely killed by their former allies and friends.

Tynion and Rosenberg throw a slight glimmer of some resistance if not hope for the heroes this installment. One hero who was among the first to encounter the vampires has become an effective vampire killer and a band of heroes has two Hail Marys left to stop Nightwing and his vampire army.

While the odds still don’t look great at least it’s something.

Otto Schmidt’s art didn’t seem as polished as it has in previous issues. There’s a looseness and a sketch-like quality to the pages that’s very noticeable in character expressions. It’s not Schmidt’s best work, but the energy in his pages still make for a dynamic presentation.

This series has been on the verge of getting stale for a few months now. Giving the heroes some chance to get a win is major.

Hopefully at least one of these plans comes to fruition so the vampires have a legit battle on their hands instead of running up the score against a hapless opponent. This was an encouraging issue for a maxi-series that’s desperately needed an infusion of suspense.

Rating: 8 out of 10