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IDW reviews 7/14/22 – GI Joe Real American Hero #295

High Stakes nears its conclusion as Larry Hama prepares to wrap the IDW run of GI Joe: A Real American Hero with issue #300.

Revanche’s sleeper BATs have been discovered by both Cobra and the Joes while all three parties seek to keep the Cobra Casino guests unaware of the battleground taking place around them.

GIJoe RAH 295-cover A.jpeg

Hama methodically set up the High Stakes arc with the Joes going undercover and Dr. Mindbender crafting a new Serpentor as Cobra Commander plays dutiful host.
Everything came together smoothly in this issue with some thrilling action sequences, a pair of daring rescues and the Joes showcasing their elite skills. In short, Hama delivers exactly what RAH readers expect.


Artist S.L. Gallant proves more than ready for the action extravaganza. Gallant’s panels convey a frenetic battle with the three forces on various fronts. At times Gallant’s artwork comes off like he wants more of a challenge as he skimps on some detail in more dialogue heavy issues.

With this issue, Gallant gets a meaty skirmish where he provides some of his stronger pencils with the action and character expressions. Inker Maria Keane keeps the panels looking tight while J. Brown’s color work hits the right amount of flair without being too overpowering.

This read like a classic GI Joe issue. With Hama still showing he’s got plenty left in the tank, the main hope isn’t that he sticks the landing with issue 300, but that he’s given the opportunity to chart the path for A Real American Hero for 301 and beyond.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: IDW