DC Comics reviews 7/19/22 – Nightwing #94, The Flash #784

Aquaman Flash: Voidsong #2


Voidsong has a few largely avoidable problems, but it’s working as a team-up showcase for Aquaman and The Flash.

The two heroes are all that’s left of the Justice League. Superman, Batman and the others are in a catatonic state murmuring the chant of the Voidsong.

Writers Colin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing pace the issue appropriately. A mysterious invasion force could quickly get tiring if there’s not a clear mission statement. There’s significant progression of the Voidsong’s presence as well as the big reveal of what attracted them to Earth.

The biggest area where Kelly and Lanzing don’t have a great handle on is all of the interaction between the two leads. Some of this is the blank slate Kelly and Lanzing have in defining the Voidsong personalities of Aquaman and The Flash.

At times the portrayals read significantly inaccurate and seem written to exacerbate conflict. Instead of forcing some bickering, arguing scenarios it would have been refreshing to see these longtime friends that infrequently paid up on missions forced to adapt to each other on the battlefield.

Vasco Georgiev’s pencils are remarkably smooth with cleaning detailing on areas like Aquaman’s chain mail and Flash’s eyebrows peeking out through the mask holes. There are some panels where it’s hard to see what is and what’s about to happen.

Rain Beredo’s crisp coloring helps keep the visuals from looking too bleak, which allows a constant sense of hope to shine through even in the darkest moments.

Next month is the conclusion of this mini-series. The short run, character interplay and big action sequences have made this a fun diversion for Aquaman and Flash fans.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10