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Image Comics reviews 7/20/22 – Do A Powerbomb #2

The latest issue of Image’s new breakout series doesn’t disappoint thanks to more inspired art and an evolving, engaging story.

Do a Powerbomb #2

do a powerbomb #2

As enjoyable as the first issue of Do a Powerbomb was, writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson takes the series to the verge of something very special.

Lona gets the booking of a lifetime from Necro, a being of extraordinary power. Necro became obsessed with television while isolated in an underworldly dimension. And his favorite show was pro wrestling to the point he’s hosting his own underworld tag team tournament.

Necro offers Lona a prize she can’t refuse, but she needs a partner. Maybe the wrestler who accidentally killed her mother, Cobrasun, might be interested to finally quell his guilt?

Cobrasun has been going through the motions as a fighter since the tragedy and is enduring death matches as his penance.

Johnson has such an intensity to his artwork that every page captures that in-your-face spirit of an amped up wrestling promo. The color choices hit like a bombastic pyro.

Johnson already has a perfectly entertaining premise, but the twist at the end of the issue takes this title to another level showing Johnson’s deep affinity for wrestling on multiple fronts.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics