Medicom reveals MAFEX Knightfall Batman, Bane, The Boys

San Diego Comic Con isn’t the only collector party in town…or the world. Medicom Toy Exhibition 2022 is also occurring. And with any convention, that means new figures are on display including more additions to the MAFEX Knightfall, Hush and The Boys lines.

Jacky of JackyToysBox posted these images on his Facebook feed so make sure to check all of them out and give Jacky a follow.

For The Boys, MAFEX is trying to finish off The 7 with grey scale prototypes of The Deep, Queen Maeve and A-Train. They’re also attempting to catch up to the series as evident by a photo tease of Soldier Boy.

medicom toy exhbition 2022 - mafex the boys the deep, a-train and queen maeve

Over on the DC front, we got some new additions to the Batman comic series lines.

Knightfall Batman and Bane join the Knightfall line. This means we’ll have a classic Batman with oval and blue cape/boots/gloves and tights. Bane looks sufficiently big and hulking, but not so much that he’s out of scale unless Kelley Jones is the inspiration.

medicom toy exhbition 2022 - mafex knightfall batman and bane

With Hush, we’re getting Poison Ivy. It’s a little disappointing she was the only Hush reveal as it feels time for a Tim Drake Robin any day now.

medicom toy exhbition 2022 - mafex poison ivy and corrupted superman