SDCC 2022 – Marvel Legends reveals

The Marvel Legends squad seem to have their top tier status displaced somewhat by the GI Joe Classified Series brand, which gets the prime Saturday panel reveal slot. That’s the spot Marvel Legends has previously always occupied. Did the ML team do enough to retake the top spot?

We’re getting a new Disney+ wave. Three and a half figures were shown with:

Howard the Duck with Scott Land dismembered head

marvel legends 2022 sdcc reveals - disney+ what if howard the duck and scott lang head

Old Loki (classic costume)

marvel legends 2022 sdcc reveals - loki classic loki

He Who Remains with apple

marvel legends 2022 sdcc reveals - he who remains

In a departure from Hasbro’s normal approach, there’s a new Tesseract with Marvel Legends Loki (without jacket) that will be up for pre-order tomorrow at 5 p.m. ET.

Marvel Legends Series Tesseract Electronic Role Play Accessory 5

Marvel Legends Series Tesseract Electronic Role Play Accessory 8

Comic figures

There were a pair of Black Panther theme figures, which Ryan Ting coyly hinted would be part of the Black Panther: World of Wakanda movie theme line. Two figures aren’t bad although having an even split of movie and comic figures might have been a better play here. The two figures shown were the

Hatut Zeraze, Black Panther’s secret service. In most of the comics I read they were fully geared up with guns and pouches to further make them stand out from T’Challa beyond the all-white color scheme. These are intended as an army builder and these should be pretty popular among comic book fans.

marvel legends 2022 sdcc reveals - hatut

We’re also getting an updated comic book Black Panther on the Vulcan mold with new hands, feet and BP’s signature half cape.

marvel legends 2022 sdcc reveals - black panther

Walgreens gets an updated Sentry figure. This will be on the Grim Reaper body instead of the outdated Hyperion mold. It will also come with a transforming into The Void head sculpt.


Spider-Man gets some more additions to his Rogue Gallery with Human Fly, Razorback, Agony and Riot.


A Retro Scorpion figure also joins that line.

There is also yet another Spider-Man three-pack, this time celebrating the 30th anniversary of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. This will be a Hasbro Pulse exclusive.

Firestar features pinless joints while Iceman has a new head with cell shading deco.

X-Men fans didn’t get a ton of offerings, but there is a new retro Beast coming with calm head sculpt, test tubes and soft goods lab coat. This will be an Amazon and Fan Channel exclusive.

Marvel Legends Series Marvel’s Beast 6

Marvel Legends Series Marvel’s Beast 5


We’re getting another two-pack with a Heralds of Galactus set featuring The Fallen One and Terrax. This is also a Pulse exclusive.

marvel legends heralds of galactus -packaging

The panel ended with a tease of the next HasLab presumably teasing a Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes set.

Photo Credit: Hasbro