Marvel Legends Vintage Retro Hammerhead review

For a while it looked like the only Marvel Legends version of Hammerhead we were going to get was from a bootleg figure using the Chameleon pack-in head and a random suit body.

None of the existing suit bodies really worked for the burly gangster, but something was better than nothing. Thanks in no small part to his prominent role in the excellent Marvel’s Spider-Man video game, Hammerhead’s profile rose enough for mainstream fans.

With the Retro Vintage line, Hammerhead gets his own dedicated figure that’s truly befitting a major crime lord in New York. Let’s see if Hasbro nailed this version of Hammerhead.

Packaging:  The Spider-Man retro wave packaging is a callback to the old school Toy Biz figures with artwork and bold color scheme reminiscent of the FOX cartoon series.

It’s got a colorful setup with the yellow and red show logo against a purple backdrop and a showcase image of Hammerhead. In a nice touch, the back features the rest of the wave. Typically, the special feature (i.e., additional accessories) is featured, but Hammerhead just has a bat and alternate hands.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - package bio

The bio is fun explaining Hammerhead’s special enhancement and his long running problems with Spider-Man.

Likeness:  Hammerhead is a tricky character as he’s got an adamantium-reinforced skull. but the catch is making it pronounced without being exaggerated. Hasbro’s sculptors hit the right balance by making it look abnormal and emphasizing the flathead aspect of the character.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - wide shot

Giving Hammerhead a generously furrowed brow tones down the cartoonish nature making him look serious. I see a little of Michael Ironside in this head sculpt. He definitely doesn’t look like a guy you’d want to cross let alone see entering your office with a baseball bat in hand.

In his earlier comic appearances, Hammerhead was wider and shorter. I don’t mind the “modernization” of the character in this case since the essential elements are still intact. Here’s what the Chameleon Hammerhead head looks like on the new body.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - old hammerhead sculpt on new body

Hasbro gave Hammerhead the larger suit body we’ve first seen with the Happy Hogan figure. It’s an ideal mold for Hammerhead since he’s not a super heavyweight.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - with chameleon hammerhead

Hammerhead is just a standard dude and this three-piece suit is a good choice for him. A nice extra touch is he’s got a set of brass knuckles on his left hand.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - brass knuckle close up

That’s fitting for a gangster hood since he doesn’t want to use his head all the time.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - scale with kingpin and the purple man

Scale:  Hammerhead is a regular guy and doesn’t need to be towering over anyone. That holds true with this figure and he’s scaled properly.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - facing kingpin and the purple man

Paint:  Hammerhead wears a navy-blue pinstripe suit and Hasbro didn’t botch this executing the pinstripes just fine. Ditto for his tie and black shirt.

There’s no problems with his head sculpt either and the gold of the brass knuckles was clean too. It’s actually nice not having to rattle off a list of issues with a Marvel Legends paint job.


marvel legends retro hammerhead review - face off with daredevil

Articulation: Hammerhead is more of a sophisticated goon. While he’s not Rhino, he definitely isn’t afraid of using his head as a battering ram.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - charging at hammerhead

That said, he tends to use his fists to soften up his foes.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - reaching for his bat against daredevil

The suit body is fine for a bruiser like him allowing him to hit some nice punches and swings with his bat.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - measuring up spider-man

Hammerhead has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - stepping down on spider-manAccessories:  Hammerhead is lean on the accessory department. He comes with swappable gripping hands, which are necessary for his main accessory — a baseball bat. It actually solid and doesn’t look like a prop, which is a frequent problem with toy bats.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - accessories in tray

I do wish Hasbro included the tommy gun from the Chameleon figure for those collectors that missed out.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - fake hammerhead giving orders

Worth it?  Hammerhead was $22.99. That’s a tough price for a figure that just has a new head sculpt and a brass knuckle left hand. Hasbro had a great formula of clever reuse to make the line affordable and a good value with the Build-A-Figure program.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - you were saying something chum


Ditching BAF parts in this Retro line hurts that value immensely especially at this higher price point. Ideally, Hammerhead would be under $20 by the holidays, but he’s a character I just had to use coupons to get back to that threshold.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - chameleon asks for forgiveness

Rating:  9.5 out of 10

Hammerhead is a really great and fun figure. I’m not sure what else Hasbro could have done to make him better, but this new price point is tough.

marvel legends retro hammerhead review - with chameleon tommy gun

Where to get it?  You should be able to find this wave at retail at this point at Target as they’re restocking the wave better as of late. You can also try Target’s website, Amazon or Entertainment Earth.

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