DC Comics reviews 8/2/22 – Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #3, Batman #126

Batman #126


For what seems like the first time in several years, the main two Batman titles are back at must-read status instead of habitual reading.

Writer Chip Zdarsky introduces a new threat with Failsafe, an android that utilizes Amazo tech. While super adaptive circuitry isn’t of much use against the largely non-powered Bat Family, it does mean the fight is going to be challenging.

I appreciated Zdarsky including Signal in the battle royal. Too often Duke gets sidelined or is basically the forgotten member of The Bat Family.

Likewise it was nice to see Batman struggle to overcome an opponent. It should be a case where Batman just defeats every foe by virtue of being Batman. He’s got to work for it here and Zdarsky ensures the rest of the family gets some showcase moments as well.

Jorge Jimenez’s art is sensational. He’s got a knack for bringing out the emotional and physical drama of any tense scenario written for him. And in most instances, Jimenez delivers above what would have been perfectly sufficient in those scenes.

Tomeu Morey’s colors are an ideal mix of sharp and eye-catching while being muted enough to maintain the serious tone of the story.

Clayton Cowles gets to incorporate some imaginative lettering particularly with the issue’s dynamic cliffhanger.

The new creative team is firing on all levels right now and suddenly Batman feels like a standout read when each week is so cluttered with Batman releases. Make sure this one is a priority.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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