IDW reviews 8/3/22 – GI Joe A Real American Hero #296

It’s time for the final arc of the IDW run of A Real American Hero.

All In gets off to an explosive start with Scarlett and her team pinned down by Crimson Guardsman Laura’s squads.

Roadblock, Gung-Ho and Rock n Roll face off with a platoon of BATs while Duke rallies a rescue mission.

gi joe 296 main cover

This definitely wasn’t a slower issue. Writer Larry Hama packed the pages with swordplay and shootouts. While in the backdrop, Dr. Mindbender’s latest plan nears fruition.

The tone of this issue certainly had a more immediate feel than some other recent installments. Here, the Joes are scraping for survival while Cobra forces circle them from all sides.


Artist SL Gallant seems to appreciate being able to cut loose more with such an action heavy issue. With steady inking from Maria Keane, Gallant delivers clean action that smoothly flows from one panel to the next without confusion. J. Brown’s colors pop with the various assortment of Vipers.

Hama is ensuring longtime readers won’t be bored with this final arc. All In looks to be an avenue for Hama to work in more fan favorites to join this big battle against a cobra. And hopefully it won’t be the last one.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: IDW