Superman and Lois – All is Lost review S2 E13

One thing I’m enjoying about this season is that at least to some degree characters are facing the repercussions of their actions. This isn’t a firm rule and there’s some exceptions, but characters are actually having to deal with their choices.

This is most evident when Clark tells the boys that Lana doesn’t want their families to hang out any longer. Naturally, they lose their minds and Clark has more restraint than me for not reminding them they wanted to share all of Clark’s secrets. Sometimes it doesn’t work out as smoothly as you imagine.

superman and lois - all is lost review - clark and jordan

Not even puppy dog teary eyed Jordan can convince Lana otherwise. This is the greatest part of this storyline. It’s validating the need for a hero to have a secret identity. Otherwise, everyone they care about is at risk because not even Superman can save the day and be a watchdog for his family and friends 24/7.

To help take his mind off the Sarah shut-down, Clark takes Jordan to the Fortress to train leaving poor Jonathan to do the chores by himself. After an initial relatively smooth first crack at flying, Clark wants Jordan to go on ‘the Kessel Run.’ Jordan has no clue what that means and Clark’s head hanging in shame was perfect.

superman and lois - all is lost review - lois and chrissy

Actually, this was an overall great scene. Tyler Hoechlin really has Superman/Clark Kent down to the core. Warner Bros. could do a lot worse than just letting him and Elizabeth Tulloch transition to the film division to play Superman and Lois on the big screen.

As usual, the Lana family drama is just there seemingly to kill time. What was the problem of just having Lana be the mayor without having Kyle and Lana separate again? This secondary supporting family is far better together considering the time they really need to be on screen in this series.


John Henry finds Nat’s super suit, but Nat can never be in the wrong and eventually JH agrees to let her go into battle with him. She’s had zero training and even with an invulnerable suit there’s no need to introduce super suit Nat already. Let the original Steel still be special on his own before ushering in his sidekick/replacement.

Lois’ subplot was interesting. It tied into lengthy flashbacks detailing how Ally wormed her way into influencing Lucy to turn on her family. This has become somewhat exhausting though and I’m ready for Lois and Gen. Lane to just ditch her.

Lucy is so adamant that Lois judges her that she doesn’t come off as realistic. “OK, you might be saying my mentor is a soul devourer, but you used to get on me for playing football, Lois. I’m siding with Ally.” It feels like the credibility has strained past its breaking point.

superman and lois - all is lost review - john henry working

Thankfully, Ally’s arrival and draining of Sam finally clues Lucy in that Ally isn’t this great altruistic presence she’s claimed to be all this time. Superman arrives to make the save, but Ally starts sucking his power.

John Henry and Nat fly in for the save. Nat somehow took the long route as Ally just bails without finishing Superman off forcing Nat to revive him with her suit.

But now #AllyIsCancelled is a thing in the Lane household so that’s a positive. The news isn’t so great for Superman as Ally sucked up enough of his power that he’s basically human. Bad time for Bizarro Lana to get the call to finish the job Ally. This is that kind of silly TV writing as there was literally nothing that was gonna stop Ally and she walked off only to dispatch her lackey to do it later.

superman and lois - all is lost review - nat's armor

With Superman incapacitated, it’s up to John Henry, Nat and Jordan to keep things together. I’m starting to like Ally’s odds more and more every day. At least that way Lois won’t have to deal with Chrissy’s constant sniping for no good reason.

This was a better episode in spite of Lana’s family issues and Super Steel Nat thanks to finally resolving the Lucy drama and setting up a strong cliffhanger as the season nears its conclusion.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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