She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – Superhuman Law review S1 E2

Jen has some consequences to face after saving the jury — and not just the unwanted name of She-Hulk.

Showrunner Jessica Gao clearly isn’t a fan of the name as Jen says “It’s so dumb. I can’t even exist without being a derivative of The Hulk.” I mean, that’s kind of the point of the character….

Jen gets fired for being a potential liability in trials and has to make interview rounds trying to land a new gig.


It’s not so much a spoiler since we know a certain masked vigilante will be showing up later in the series, but at least one of those unseen rejecting employers sure sounded familiar.

With no job, that means Jen has no reason to bail on family dinner. Her family is largely unlikable — you can see why Bruce never mentioned them — but her father (Mark Linn Baker) is supportive and cool.


He mentions Jen isn’t even the first gamma-infused member of the family and they’re still doing fine. And this is basically making me want to go on a Perfect Strangers marathon.

Things look dire for Jen, but she gets offered a new gig at GLKH to be a superhero attorney. That’s gonna mean a major wardrobe upgrade.

Jen’s first case is gonna be a challenge as her boss wants her to represent Emil Blonksy (Tim Roth) aka The Abomination. Blonsky claims he’s ready to rejoin society and be a positive, contributing member to the world at large by rejecting all his former rage.


Blonsky mentions he thought he was going to be Captain America instead of this rampaging brute who destroyed Harlem. That’s actually an endearing moment that shows how Steve Rogers was so inspirational to a generation and the unintended consequences others who followed in his footsteps faced.


But the moment quickly gets swept away for a joke about Blonksy’s seven pen pals significant others. It’s weird how She-Hulk has so many heavy-hitting dramatic moments that the writers immediately brush off for some unneeded comedy.

Jen is intrigued by the case but wants to make sure it’s cool with Bruce. He’s fine with it since he’s off to space in the ship that inadvertently caused Jen to crash last episode. At least that random ship appearance wasn’t completely forgotten.

Just when everything seems like it’s gonna come up roses for Jen, a big news report has footage of Abomination participating in a fight club as seen in Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings. Who said there’s no connective thread in Phase 4?


This episode sets the foundation for the series nicely although the chatty family scene could have been cut for more thoughtful Blonsky takes. With the premise firmly established we’ll see how the series rolls out.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney

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