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DC Comics reviews 9/6/22 – Batman #127, Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4


Alan Scott attempts to motivate Nightwing to lead the remaining heroes while Black Adam and Lex Luthor rally the Legion of Doom to stop Deathstroke and his possessed forces. All while Pariah schemes for his ultimate goal.

Writer Joshua Williamson definitely has the big event feel down for this series. It feels important like a story reverberating throughout the DC Universe. While most titles haven’t addressed Dark Crisis, Williamson was able to incorporate events from titles he wrote or still has some ties to in order to have some connective thread.

In some instances, this issue felt like an old school crossover where tie-in books were necessary to get the full story. It’s obvious Williamson has a great love for DC from the little nods that resonate with fans like the LOD arguing about the best course of action, referencing earlier mega events and having a team-up with Hal Jordan and Barry Allen.

Williamson writes this series like a knowledgeable DC Comics fan first and an established DC writer second. This has helped make Dark Crisis such a fun and memorable read.

Daniel Sampere’s art has been fantastic. Sampere has plenty of opportunities to experiment with shadows and dark backdrops and large scale, widescreen style battles. The level of detail Sampere adds has been commendable. Alejandro Sanchez’s color work is also brilliant with gorgeous gradients and lighting effects.

Letterer Tom Napolitano also gets plenty of opportunities to play around with dialogue visuals and unique speech patterns.

This issue didn’t deliver many answers, but the series still has plenty more months left. With the creative team intent on delivering a massive and memorable spectacle, Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths remains a very enjoyable and essential read for DC fans.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10