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DC Comics reviews 9/6/22 – Batman #127, Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4

New Champion of Shazam #2


The second installment of Mary Marvel’s solo adventures was a marked improvement on the first issue. While writer Josie Campbell had some early struggles establishing her take on Mary, this issue felt more connected to the Marvel Family dynamic of the previous Shazam run.

Campbell did a commendable job of making Mary work for future successes. This has been a massive failing of so many modern writers of female heroes. The hero has it all figured out right from the start. Despite her vast experience as a hero, Campbell’s Mary doesn’t have it all figured out and actually hasn’t won a fight in two issues. It’s astonishing how the slightest trace of vulnerability makes a hero far more relatable and interesting.

Beyond superheroics, Mary has to adjust to a new college status quo while her parents are missing. Her fellow foster siblings are also not exactly appreciating being left out from having powers while Mary has all the abilities of Shazam.

Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner’s art is gorgeous as always. Mary is a character that benefits from a Silver Age throwback artistic style and few do that better than Shaner.

Campbell quickly found Mary’s voice while tying in to larger family dynamics. The combination of a tighter script and Shaner’s stellar art is elevating this title to a highly recommended status in two issues. It’s turning into a fun ride for Mary and her family.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics