IDW comics reviews 9/7/22 – G.I. Joe A Real Hero #297

With IDW’s GI Joe run winding down, Larry Hama rolls the action stakes further.

Dr. Mindbender’s latest attempt at reviving Serpentor have led to Genghis Khan attempting a coup on Cobra.

The Joes, led by Scarlett, try to stave off this new threat but he proves too formidable. Like Scarlett’s first encounter with Serpentor, he overwhelms the Joes forcing a desperate retreat.

gi joe 297 variant covers

Writer Larry Hama always does these action heavy installments well. The Joes on the run makes for more suspenseful stories and this is no different.

Add on another squad of Roadblock, Gung-Ho and Rock n Roll also having to retreat and Cobra definitely seems to be in good position to strike back against the Joes. Although again, it feels like a bit too much time was spent on Revanche’s BATs in the arc before it.


Andrew Lee Griffith and Netho Diaz collaborate on the art making for a dynamic presentation. The art is sharper with crisper action sequences, which is essential in this type of story.

J. Brown’s colors pop and strongly highlight the different costumes and battle effects.

Hama ends the issue on a very interesting note with a cliffhanger that continues to tease a possible return of the one and only Snake Eyes.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: IDW