DC Comics reviews 9/13/22 – Batman vs. Robin #1

Superman Son of Kal-El #15


As of late, Superman Son of Kal-El has kind of felt like a CW show where the title character rarely has the spotlight and it’s all about the supporting characters.

For this book, the main focus tends to be on Jay Nakamura, Jon’s invulnerable love interest. Writer Tom Taylor still hasn’t managed to make Jay a particularly interesting character despite the reveal this issue that his mother is another pawn of Bendix.

The Gamorra storyline wraps this issue with the final showdown with Bendix. Not Jon though. He’s more on rescue and distraction mode while Damain Wayne/Robin, Jay and even Lex Luthor actually stop Bendix. The main problem in giving Jon a love interest with superpowers is the same problem CW shows have — they start edging the title hero out of the spotlight. This is the culmination of Jon’s first big arc and instead of facing down against his Luthor, he’s just running interference and out of the way.

Cian Tormey’s art is serviceable. Layouts and character framing is strong, but Tormey still needs to refine character expressions. Too often they’re soft and don’t fully convey the emotion of the moment. Federico Blee and Matt Herms’ color work is solid particularly in the power/laser effects.

The Bendix/Gamorra arc largely ended with a whimper. It seems like the bigger news from the issue is that Jon and Jay share a kiss for the world to see.  Where that will lead besides the expected outpouring of support from the DC Universe is a mystery, but of course since Jay is invulnerable, threatening Jon’s love interest isn’t even a viable option for a villain.

Next issue starts the return of Kal-El event so that should make for an interesting and long-awaited reunion even if Jon’s adventures still manage to feel surprisingly small scale.

Rating: 7 out of 10