DC Comics reviews 9/13/22 – Batman vs. Robin #1

Wonder Woman #791


This issue marks an ideal jumping on point for new readers with the start of a new arc and clear outline of the new status quo.

Diana returns to Themyscira after taking the necessary time to grieve. There she learns the true secret of Hippolyta’s death and Artemis’ role. This isn’t a bad direction for the title and opens up some interesting storylines for the future.
With this issue, Diana is called to Brazil to investigate a group with armed guards cultivating a flower with potential medicinal properties.
Writers Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad set up an intriguing storyline incorporating the new — the third Amazon tribe — and the classic — the tease of familiar villains.
The artwork was also encouraging with gorgeous work from Marguerite Sauvage.
Sauvage uses a very unique coloring style. It’s like a watercolor visual although at times it’s slightly disorienting for characters with blue eyes. And Savauge gives Etta Candy a glamorous makeover that doesn’t quite fit the character.
The Cloonrad era of Wonder Woman has had mixed results, but this felt like a nice reset that could mark a welcome turnaround for a more consistent read.
Rating: 9 out of 10
Image Credit: DC Comics