DC Comics reviews 9/20/22 – Nightwing #96, Batman Superman World’s Finest #7

Batman Superman World’s Finest #7


Yeah, good luck finding a comic book as fresh and fun as Batman Superman World’s Finest. It’s like taking a step back into time when comics were more carefree and fun.

Superman, Batman (and Robin) recover a crashed ship with a rattled David Sikela inside. Superman can easily relate especially when David starts exhibiting powers.

Writer Mark Waid takes this familiar story and adds some new wrinkles with some fun pit stops along the way. Despite the title, Robin remains a vital part of the series and has been such an essential element to the engaging dynamic. Waid gets the little touches that spotlights the best aspects of the trio’s personalities while laying the foundation for Dick Grayson’s status as an adult in the DCU.


The story isn’t all playful, but Waid understands how to properly balance the darker moments instead of drowning the story in doom and gloom.

Dan Mora’s art is perfectly suited for the tone of the story. Mora has such a light and inviting style completely harkening back to the larger-than-life mindset of Silver Age artists. And it’s nice to see a comic where characters smile so much.

Tamra Bonvillain’s colors are so vibrant that every page just lights up with a dazzling sense of energy.

Robin has a solution to help his new peer and it teases a very fun team-up next issue. With this creative team delivering on every level this title can’t miss and Batman Superman remains one of the elite titles in all of comics.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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