DC Comics reviews 9/20/22 – Nightwing #96, Batman Superman World’s Finest #7

Nightwing #96


The Battle for Bludhaven’s Heart wraps this issue with the showdown writer Tom Taylor has been building for months — Nightwing vs. Blockbuster.

While some critics have complained about a lack of action in the series, that’s not an issue with this installment as it’s pretty much one extended fight scene. Unlike some of his peers that shy away from action-heavy issues, Taylor has no problem writing big, prolonged brutal battles. And this conflict was a long time coming.

Not that it’s all action. Batgirl is on the ground aiding the Bludhaven rescue effort while Nightwing is fighting in Blockbuster’s loft. This issue was a terrific showcase for artist Bruno Redondo who breaks down fight sequences in a fluid way to convey Nightwing’s athleticism and speed while fighting a larger opponent.

Redondo is of course, excellent with the emotional beats with highly expressive panels as the characters react to the various scenarios playing out. Adriano Lucas’ colors are exquisite with some stellar shading and use of reds and popping blues. Letterer Wes Abbot always seems to have so many creative ways to implement the sound effects and dialogue that brings something extra to the comic.

Nightwing remains undefeated in terms of providing the A-list experience for a high-profile solo character. With the threat of Blockbuster and his crew addressed for a moment and clarity on the Dick/Babs front, this next arc offers a lot of exciting potential for an entirely new status quo. And as usual, I can’t wait.

Rating: 10 out of 10