DC Comics reviews 9/20/22 – Nightwing #96, Batman Superman World’s Finest #7

The Flash #786


The Flash has been one of the few mainline titles that is actually acknowledging Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths is actually occurring. This has helped make the title feel more essential and connected to the latest landmark DC event.

Writer Jeremy Adams treated this issue like an old-school tie-in with some repeated scenes from the latest Dark Crisis installment with some new perspectives. Like Dark Crisis writer Joshua Williamson, Adams has a clear affinity for the DC Universe playing up character interactions that resonate as very authentic with longtime DC readers. There’s some fun exchanges with Wally and his Titans childhood friends, Wallace having a cautious conversation with Damian and Justice Society banter.

The only downside for me is how Wally’s family is hoarding some of the spotlight. Adams has juggled multiple characters with superspeed like the enjoyable issues with Kid Flash, but there’s a lot of speedsters now with Wallace, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, Jessie Quick, Irey and Linda. Sure, there’s some cute bits here but I’d love to see Wally having the sole spotlight in his title.

Amancay Nahuelpan’s art seemed softer this issue without the same tightness and crispness to the panels shown in previous issues. The layouts were fine yet the looser execution of character expressions didn’t make for a visually stellar issue.

This issue makes for a solid Dark Crisis tie-in and Adams makes sure to keep plot threads and subplots he’s established continue on even in this setting. It’s a worthwhile read just not at the previous heights the title has consistently hit for most of 2022.

Rating: 8 out of 10