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Titans United Bloodpact #1


In a welcome act of continuity and synergy with the extended DC Universe, the Titans series based on the live-action show gets another mini-series.

Cavan Scott returns to write a familiar tale with a Titans spin. Brother Blood gets some unexpected help in altering the world in his image. It’s up to the Titans, specifically Tim Drake, to determine how this world can be reverted to normal before its changes become permanent.
Scott isn’t the flashiest writer, but he has a firm handle on the team dynamics. While this particular Titans lineup is crafted from the series, Scott largely sticks to their comic book personas so they sound authentic.
Just like the last mini-series, Scott draws from Titans lore to create worthwhile challenges.
Jose Luis doesn’t return as the series artist, which is unfortunate as Luis’ art was impressively crisp and dynamic. Luis’ successor, Lucas Meyer, makes a strong debut all the same.
Thankfully it doesn’t appear if there will be a significant drop off in the art quality with Bloodpact. Tony Avian’s color choices are a bit darker with a heavier emphasis on dirty reds, which is fitting for the story.
Bloodpact gets off to a solid start rekindling the unexpected fun of Titans United. If the rest of this six-issue mini-series is this entertaining, DC will have another media tie-in title worth following.
Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics