DC Comics reviews 10/17/22 – DCeased War of the Undead Gods #3, Nightwing #97

Duo #6


Duo’s (hopefully) first mini-series wraps in a manner that neatly wraps up the main storyline while establishing some subplots that could be revisited later.

David and Kelly are caught in the middle of the war between the Immutables and Irredeemables. All while Dr. Tinker watches looking for a moment to stack the odds in his favor.

Writer Greg Pak juggles the dynamic of David and Kelly sharing joint custody of David’s body as they navigate a boss battle against the Irredeemables. Pak might have introduced the Irredeemables earlier in the series as they basically get introduced and defeated in the same issue. Dr. Tinker is the more interesting threat as he operates under the guise of an ally with his own motives.

Artist Khoi Pham sets up some solid panels with easy-to-follow layouts and action sequences. That’s commendable considering the number of characters involved in this final act. Colorist Chris Sotomayor keeps the setting light without dimming David in his gold hue attire.

Duo proved an encouraging addition to the Milestone ranks. Hopefully it won’t be long before David and Kelly interact with the characters from Dakota.

Rating: 8 out of 10