DC Comics reviews 10/17/22 – DCeased War of the Undead Gods #3, Nightwing #97

The Flash #787


This issue of The Flash might be the least consequential, standalone of standalone installments, but it has to be in the Top 5 of the Jeremy Adams/Fernando Pasarin run.

Yes, Pasarin is back to grace the book with his amazingly detailed artwork. It’s always a treat to see Pasarin drawing The Flash as he’s been in sync with Adams from the start of their collaboration from expressions to when the art needs a big widescreen moment. And this was a perfect issue for his return.

An intergalactic wrestling federation arrives in Central City and Wally tries to prevent his city’s destruction. After the arrival of the federation champ who looks slightly familiar with his posing routine and handlebar mustache, Wally decides he’s overdue for some brainless fun.


Adams isn’t writing some heavy source of all meaning issue — it’s all about having a blast in The Flash’s already wild and wacky world. The cameo from Flash’s BFF was so fitting and reinforces the notion that Adams and Nightwing writer Tom Taylor appreciate the value of one of comic’s best friend duos.

That’s not the only cameos from the DC Universe. It’s nice to see Adams organically find ways to put characters he hopes to make popular instead of forcing them in every issue.

Matt Ryan’s inks and Jeromy Cox’s colors completed the stellar visuals while letterer Rob Leigh got to have a little fun with the sound effects.

Sometimes an issue doesn’t need to have drastic status altering events playing out. It just needs to have that special ability to put a smile on your face from beginning to end. This was a highlight of the week and The Flash creative team deserves a well-earned thunderous applause galaxy wide for this installment.

Rating: 10 out of 10