DC Comics reviews 10/25/22 – Action Comics #1048, Detective Comics #1065

Batman Fortress #6


Random characterizations aside, Batman Fortress certainly hasn’t made for a dull mini-series. In this issue, writer Gary Whitta has Batman’s ragtag team break into Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in reverse escape room fashion.

Whitta inserts drama that hinges on the characters being slightly incompetent. Green Lantern D’yal didn’t find it important to charge his ring while Lex Luthor arrived in a battle suit that didn’t have numerous contingencies. And Batman needs advice/help far more often than normal.

Regardless of the somewhat questionable scenarios, Whitta crafts some engaging dialogue between the characters. In a different setting this could be one of the more unusual entertaining Justice League lineups ever.

Artist Darick Robertson seems to have a blast with the various traps and defense mechanisms in the fortress. Robertson has always been stellar at capturing raw emotion, which is very helpful in this story. Colorist Diego Rodriguez plays up the energy effects against the icy blue and black backdrop.

This series’ biggest offense is the weird portrayal of the characters, but the dialogue is enjoyable and heist premise is enough to keep Batman Fortress an entertaining and unpredictable read.

Rating: 8 out of 10