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Blood Syndicate Season One #6


The problem with the slow burn buildup is there’s not enough time to fully develop the big showdown. Writer Geoffrey Thorne used most of these six issues to slowly explain how the Blood Syndicate comes together through extended flashbacks and rushed introductions. Season One reaches its conclusion with the newly formed Blood Syndicate taking on Holocaust and his forces.

Thorne’s efforts to include character appropriate dialogue is commendable, but it’d be even better with the translation of these conversations. And Thorne could stand to show more restraint with the barrage of curse words that have to get censored out anyway.

This setup does allow artist ChrisCross to go wild with extravagant and larger than life action sequences. ChrisCross’ visuals close the gap for any narrative shortcomings as he just unleashes the Syndicate in action. Wil Quintana’s colors are bold and further help to bring readers into this Paris Island turf war.

Easily the most intriguing aspect of the issue was the fallout after the confrontation with Holocaust with an appearance from another Milestone character. This shared universe is exciting with the possibilities of characters coming into contact with each other especially when they have very different philosophies on protecting their communities.

Season One got off to a slow start, but with the conclusion of this and the other Milestone opening acts, the future seems as bright as ever for the brand going forward.

Rating: 8 out of 10