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Image Comics reviews 11/9/22 – Do a Powerbomb #6

Image’s most creative and unpredictable hit series of 2022 finds another level of inspired chaos this issue.

In a completely unexpected twist, Sun and Stone lost in the final for their chance to win the tournament and resurrect Lona’s mother. Writer/Artist Daniel Warren Johnson pulled a major swerve with this twist and somehow manages an even greater surprise with the fallout.

do a powerbomb #6

It’s not all violence and mayhem though as Johnson details Cobra Sun’s relationship with Yuna Steelrose began. DAP has had some wild over the top action, but Johnson crafts some genuinely sweet moments this issue.


The artwork is as wild and frenetic as ever with some insane wrestling high spots maxed out to tremendous, larger-than-life style. Colorist Mike Spicer provides the perfect pop to the art to make the action leap from the pages and appropriately highlight the intensity of the moment.

Do a Powerbomb holds of the steel chairs to the heads for more emotional impact making for a nice pivot before what seems to be the most impossible challenge for Sun and Stone yet.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics

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