DC Comics reviews 11/15/22 – Nightwing #98, Batman Superman World’s Finest #9

Batman Superman World’s Finest #9


While it doesn’t have to be a contest, Batman Superman World’s Finest feels deadlocked with Nightwing and The Flash for DC’s best title since its inception.

Writer Mark Waid just absolutely understands how every character he adds to the book should sound. From Speedy to Flash to the title stars, it just feels like reading an amazingly well crafted love letter to the DC Universe while still allowing for new growth and characters.

Throwing The Joker and The Key to the mix helps to keep things unpredictable as well.

The heart of this issue is Boy Thunder struggling to be a sidekick to both Batman and Superman due to his lack of control. Waid starts to unfold a bit more of the mystery of Boy Thunder’s tragic origin. The slow burn approach has worked wonders and allowed for some nice character interaction with Batman, Superman, Flash and the Teen Titans.

Dan Mora’s artwork is phenomenal. He brings such energy and a sense of Silver Age wonder to his pages. Every issue I switch which team/character I’d want to see Amira draw next. This one is a basic split between the Justice League and Teen Titans.

Tamra Bonvillain’s colors are electric. Bonvillain easily shifts between lighter scenes with Superman and Flash and darker moments featuring Joker and The Key.

The cliffhanger definitely is a wild one suggesting things are about to get a lot harder for this collective of heroes and their new ally.

Rating: 10 out of 10