DC Comics reviews 11/15/22 – Nightwing #98, Batman Superman World’s Finest #9

DCeased War of the Undead Gods #4


DCeased continues to be the most unpredictable DC title going. Whether it’s The Forever People fighting Maxima, an unexpected romantic pairing or a drag out slugfest between the two surviving most powerful heroic armies left to fight the undead Darkseid.

Writer Tom Taylor reserves his violent, action heavy side to this series and that restraint helps make DCeased still feel like the go-to horror series.

Artist Trevor Hairsine tackles the majority of the work though Neil Edwards provides some assists. Hairsine’s artwork has a gritty, grimy look that conveys the carnage so well, but an underappreciated aspect of his are those quieter, heartfelt moments. Edwards has a clean style that complements Hairsine’s pages.

Rain Beredo’s colors helps distinguish the bloody carnage and avoiding making the art too dreary.

War of the Undead Gods has been a strong read with no let up from the previous installments.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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