DC Comics reviews 11/15/22 – Nightwing #98, Batman Superman World’s Finest #9

Nightwing #98


Here’s how you can tell a title is on a special, critically acclaimed memorable run. Even the “throwaway” no-consequences issues are ones you share with your friends and your network as an example of why Nightwing is awesome.

Last issue’s cliffhanger with the return of Ric Grayson was a doozy and writer Tom Taylor ensures it didn’t play out like a cheap stunt.

That has to do largely with the arrival of Nightwing’s very own imp, Nite-Mite.

Sure, the concept might feel stale and overused but Taylor makes it fun and fresh again mainly by not making Nite-Mite a nuisance. Instead, he’s simply Nightwing’s biggest fan.

With so much gloomy cynicism in the world, I appreciate Taylor doubling down on simply making Nightwing an unapologetically fun comic book.


Bruno Redondo sets a high standard that’s a tall ask for most fill-in artists. Daniele Di Nicuolo’s fun and pitch perfect style for this issue prevents any drop-off visually.

Adriano Lucas’ colors are always terrific providing a nice comforting blend of cheery colors.

Basically, as the norm, Nightwing remains an excellent can’t miss read. It’s exactly what more comics need to be about.

Rating: 10 out of 10